What is Cloud Vidyashram?

Cloud Vidyashram is an educational initiative that envisions to provide "quality education that is free for all" by using available technology and knowledge in the public domain. We, at Cloud Vidyashram are translating content (Khan Academy videos) to tamil and providing it to schools in a format that can be easily consumed by students.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that provides free world-class education for anyone, anywhere in the world through pre-recorded videos. They have an extensive library of more than 4,200 videos predominantly in Maths and Science.

These videos have transformed learning for thousands of students, mostly reaching to those students who are comfortable in understanding English. What is preventing these videos from being accessible to a larger student population is localization - the language barrier.

We believe, if Khan Academy videos are available in Tamil, it will help in the transformation of students who are comfortable learning in that language, as seen by students studying in English.

The project envisages to bring standardization in content delivery to the students. It also creates a platform to provide a secondary mode of education delivery to bridge the deficit that we face currently.

In addition to making the videos available in Tamil, the project will create a platform to measure the progress of students and hence improve their learning by suggesting necessary corrective action.

Project Vision

"The project aims be a leveller in education available to students in developed countries & students who study in Tamil medium schools"

We also believe that low cost technologies (Khan Academy Videos, Government Sponsored Hardware i.e Laptops & Tablets), School and Telecom infrastructure can be weaved into the existing educational eco-system to ultimately enhance the social capital.

Cloud Vidyashram's positive impacts include, but is not limited to,

  • Expanding the reach of Khan Academy videos to every child in Tamil Nadu. (Tamil Nadu Population: 72+ Million, 0-6 Population: 7.2 Million)

  • Help in bringing effective cloud based software for curriculum learning & offer internet access to Government school children - with the help of government sponsored hardware (Laptops and tablets)

  • Involving more corporates to invest and help in improving the school infrastructure and increasing network coverage through their CSR programmes

Success Stories